E-mail us a ride(at)pakebikes.com with questions and comments.
Our e-mail load is high so allow 3 or 4 days for a sober reply.

Can I buy directly from Pake?

No, we do not sell direct. We encourage you to find a local bike shop or on-line web store. We highly recommend going to a LBS for frames, since they can best size you up. A web store cannot and WE cannot either.

If you are a bike shop and would like to stock Pake, contact one of our distributors.

What if there is no dealer on your list in my area?

Ask a local bike shop that you like to see if they can special order a Pake item for you. We have several distributors in the US. It is almost certain they do business with at least one of them.

Can you sponsor my contest or charitable event?

Pake Bikes cares about the bicycle community. We do offer sponsorships to events and riders. We receive dozens of requests however and cannot support all of them. Requests with local bike shop involvement and experienced organizers usually get more attention from us.